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Example Fashion Dissertations

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Customer Analysis of Nike Shoes User

Nike, the number one manufacturer of footwear and apparel, has become a household name on the same level as mogul companies McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and…

Development of Luxury Products: Montblanc

Alongside this boom in the new luxury market there is a renewed interest from both academics and practitioners in luxury consumption research.

Heart and Soul Gem and Jewellery Analysis

Thus, the following report will be analysing the US market as well as the feasibility of our products being exported there. The reports analyses…

E-Commerce in Fashion

E-commerce is in fashion so many companies of all sizes and types are reviewing their sales strategies. Consideration is being given to either…

Online Shoe Company Business Strategy

The business strategy game is an online, PC-Based game in which you run the world wide athletic footwear market in confronting each other competition…