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Exams are one of the most challenging aspects of any university degree. Each one is a chance to prove you understand everything you have been taught. Exams often have a huge effect on your final degree mark, so it's really important to perform as well as you can. The key to exam success is completing lots of revision, meaning you are well-prepared for what you're about to face.

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Critically Evaluate the Role of Market Orientation in Achieving a Competitive Advantage

This essay will analyse the outside-in approach of Market Orientation (MO) theory, focusing on key implications in practice to determine whether the key to achieving a competitive advantage is a focus on customers and competitors within the marketplace. A competitive advantage (CA) in this context relates to outperforming competitors in terms of better-market share, profitability and sales (Porter, 1980). A sustainable-competitive advantage relates to achieving this outperformance over a long-period of time.

Wilson and Fook (1990) argue that MO is a managerial orientation where success depends on the needs/wants of customers, subsequently creating products and services to outperform competition; arguing a key element of MO is a situational analysis of the state-of-the-market to see scope for future activity.

  • Option 1: Seen Exam

    Seen exams are a special type of exam where you are given the question in advance - you must prepare an answer and learn it. When the exam comes around, you must reproduce your answer and demonstrate that you understand the question in full. With our ‘seen exam' option, you'll receive a fully written exam answer – usually, these include no referencing (as you won't need to do this in an exam). Your order will contain everything you need to prepare for your exam and shows you how to answer your question effectively.

  • Option 2: Exam Notes

    If you're preparing for a traditional exam and just need some notes to revise with, our exam notes service is perfect. Whether you just don't understand a particularly complicated module, or you want some well-written, clear notes to review, our experts are on hand to prepare the material you need. Just tell us the topic or area which your exam is about, how you would like your notes to be delivered (e.g., bullet points, brief sentences, short summaries) and if you require references in the notes. We'll then find a qualified writer in your subject area to produce high-quality written notes to aid in your exam preparation. It's that simple!

  • Option 3: Exam Answer

    Past exam papers are the key to successful revision! You'll often be given past exam papers by your tutors to aid in your revision and demonstrate what the upcoming exam questions will look like. Learning how to write a concise, detailed and engaging exam answer is a key skill, and past papers can offer the perfect chance to learn this! If you've been given previous exam papers to answer - or perhaps you have an upcoming open-book exam - we can provide a fully written exam answer. Just provide our expert with your question(s), choose the style of answer you require and whether or not you need references, and we'll show you how to ace the exam!

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Personalised options for any exam

Our exam revision service covers all the bases, with three different options to suit every type of exam. You get tailored support material, written by a qualified expert in your subject area. Just choose the exam revision service which best suits your needs and feel confident that you will enter your exam feeling thoroughly prepared!

Custom notes just for you

Our experts only create custom revision notes, designed to help you. These vary from basic summaries of key ideas in revision notes, which are simply laid out and easy for you to learn from, to fully written model answers, which help you understand how to structure an argument in an exam answer.

Clear and transparent pricing

At UK Essays, we aim to be fully clear and transparent with our pricing, so you always get the best value for your requirements. Our prices are determined by the grade you require, the word count you need and the delivery date you need the work back for.